Welcome to the faith Family!

Our desire is to help you grow in your faith journey. Here are some practical first steps to take in getting to know Jesus and in following him.

1. Let someone know you made this decision. Confession means to speak with your mouth. Don’t keep it to yourself.

2. Begin reading the Bible starting with the book of John, the 4th book in the New Testament. If you do not have a Bible, simply let us know and we’ll get one to you. Email us at info@myfaithassembly.org.

3. Talk to Jesus daily through prayer. Prayer is a conversation that involves sharing your heart and listening for His response. The more we pray the more we recognize his voice.

4. Get in community. Church is important not because we need church to be saved but because we need church to grow. Following Jesus is like a team sport. We need one another to win.

5. Join Faith DNA. Faith DNA is a 4 week, 30-minute conversation with friends from Faith Assembly who talk through the important aspects of how we grow in Faith. They meet every Sunday at 11:45am in the Youth Lounge. 

You can register here!