Day 1:  Right Here.  Right Now.

SCRIPTURE:  I Chronicles 22:1

Then David said, “This will be the location for the Temple of the Lord God and the place of the altar for Israel’s burnt offerings!”


OBSERVATION:  David determined the exact location for where this most important establishment to this point in Israel’s history, would be built.  Before the first hole could be dug or the first stone put in place, there had to be a “this will be” decision. 


APPLICATION:  As we begin this 21-day journey of prayer and fasting, it is important for us to determine the what, where and when for our time with God.  What time of the day are we going to set aside with consistency to spend with God?  Where is the best place for you to set aside that time?  What are you going to fast during that time (certain meals, certain days, certain foods)?  When we make such determinations it allows plans to take shape rather than just exist in someday, sometime.  With God’s help we are starting right here, right now. 


PRAYER:  God, today I am determining to meet with you and to be consistent in this journey with the help of your Holy Spirit starting right now.  

DAY 2: And So It Begins.

SCRIPTURE:  I Chronicles 22:5

David said, “My son Solomon is still young and inexperienced. And since the Temple to be built for the Lord must be a magnificent structure, famous and glorious throughout the world, I will begin making preparations for it now.”


OBSERVATION:  This project had been in the heart of David for some time.  It was his great intention and it was greatly inspired by the Holy Spirit.  This good idea required a plan that could be put into action so that it might become a reality.  Notice two key points here.  David was making preparations now and it was not about what David was doing, but about what he was helping Solomon his son do. 


APPLICATION:  We must be sure to begin preparing now for what God is wanting to accomplish tomorrow.  Too often we leave the calling in the form of intention when we must be sure we are moving closer to action.  In order for the plan to be successful we must be sure that what we are doing is not about us, about our ministry or about our giftings.  Instead, it must be about serving to help activate God’s will upon this earth.  


PRAYER:  God, help me to be intentional with the plans I am making today.  May they be significant to advancing your Kingdom and may it assist and support others in reaching their purpose today.  

DAY 3: Here’s the Son

SCRIPTURE:  I Chronicles 22:10

But you will have a son who will be a man of peace. I will give him peace with his enemies in all the surrounding lands. His name will be Solomon, and I will give peace and quiet to Israel during his reign. 


OBSERVATION:  David knows that he is not the one who is to build the Temple, but instead it will be his son, Solomon.  David had shed too much blood in battle and therefore his hands were not fit for such an undertaking.  But his son Solomon was given peace from God and in that peace his son was able to build the temple, a place for God’s presence.


APPLICATION:  We like David have filthy hands that are unfit to build such a place for God’s presence.  Because of the sinful nature we are born into we are unable to come to God let alone build a place for him.  But thank God he has a son.  Jesus, the son of God is able to build such a place in our lives.  He is sent to us as the Prince of Peace and is well fit for the task.  If Jesus Christ is not our cornerstone then we will never be able to even lay one stone. 


PRAYER:  Jesus, I acknowledge again today my dependency upon you.  Thanks for bringing peace in my life and for being the bridge that I might have peace with God.  

DAY 4:  Don’t Lose It

SCRIPTURE:  I Chronicles 22:13

For you will be successful if you carefully obey the decrees and regulations that the Lord gave to Israel through Moses. Be strong and courageous; do not be afraid or lose heart!


OBSERVATION:  David the good Dad, is giving some godly council to his son Solomon.  His purpose is to encourage him to stay the course.  Success is not in what we start, but in what we finish; and sometimes it’s a lot easier to start something than to finish it.  David is telling Solomon how to finish this project he is called to carry out. 


APPLICATION:  Temptation will always be a part of the journey.  It’s only day 4 and I’m sure we’ve already been tempted to quit, not take it too serious, let off the pedal a little.  This one comes at me, “so and so doesn’t fast or pray or read their Bible and they’re fine.”  DON’T LOSE HEART.  The easiest way to lose heart is to lose purpose.  Getting “so and so’s” attention or becoming like “so & so” isn’t why you started this journey.  We started this because our heart’s desire is to know God through his son Jesus and to create a place where his joy and pleasure becomes our great strength. 


PRAYER:  God, help me to stay focused upon your unchanging word that is a promise for my life and future.  That promise is where I put my trust and I know that you will give me the grace to run and not lose heart.  

DAY 5:  You Have What It Takes

SCRIPTURE:  I Chronicles 22:16

You have expert goldsmiths and silversmiths and workers of bronze and iron. Now begin the work, and may the Lord be with you!”


OBSERVATION:  David is continuing his words of encouragement and instruction to his son Solomon.  He concludes by listing all the resources and materials that Solomon has been given to work with.  Many of these resources were made available to Solomon by his father, David.  With this, David commissions Solomon to begin the work. 


APPLICATION:  God our Father has given us everything we need to begin the work of building a place for his presence.  It is important for us to not overlook or neglect the resources that have been made available.  What resources, giftings or relationships are we neglecting that are giving way to excuses for not pursuing the call of God for our lives?  Consider what you have to work with.  What’s keeping you from putting those things to work?  You have what it takes so let’s go for it!


PRAYER:  God, thank you for the resources that you have made available to me.  Help me utilize these blessings in my life in a way that will bring you glory. 

DAY 6:  It’s All or Nothing

SCRIPTURE:  I Chronicles 22:19

Now seek the Lord your God with all your heart and soul. Build the sanctuary of the Lord God so that you can bring the Ark of the Lord’s Covenant and the holy vessels of God into the Temple built to honor the Lord’s name.”


OBSERVATION:  There is a process of events shown in this verse.  The goal is to build a temple that will honor the name of the Lord.  That requires having a place for God’s glory, the Ark of the Covenant, to reside.  In order for that to happen, there needs to be a sanctuary built to certain specifications.  And that’s going to require seeking the Lord with all your heart.   


APPLICATION:  When it comes to doing something of significance, halfway or halfhearted is not an option.   Anything of great importance is worthy of full commitment.  It is essential that we give our all to this purpose of pursuing God.  To not is to acknowledge it as something but not everything.  Because He is everything to us, it’s got to be all or nothing.   Are you seeking him with your whole heart today? 


PRAYER:  God, I know you deserve every part of my heart and desire.  You are the one upon whom my life is built.  Help me to surrender the areas that need to be more devoted to you.   

DAY 7:  What Really Counts

SCRIPTURE:  I Chronicles 23:3-4

All the Levites who were thirty years old or older were counted, and the total came to 38,000. 4 Then David said, “From all the Levites, 24,000 will supervise the work at the Temple of the Lord.


OBSERVATION:  This wasn’t the first time David counted people.  In fact in chapter 21 David takes a census of all the people of Israel.  As a result of that count, God punished David.  What makes this count different is that he was motivated to count those who would be a part of building the Temple instead of just counting those who belonged to him.  He was counting what mattered to God and not just what mattered to him.   


APPLICATION:  Everyday we are making decisions about what matters most.  There are many things that we can attend to, but only a few that matter and only one that really counts.  Are you counting what really matters?  Are we giving our attention, our time, and our resources to the things that will build God’s Kingdom or just to the things that build our resume?  Building a place for God’s presence means counting the stuff that really matters. 


PRAYER:  God, help me to have your mind and your heart concerning the things that are in my life.  Let what matters to you matter the most to me.   

DAY 8:  It’s a Team Sport

SCRIPTURE:  I Chronicles 24:19

Each group carried out its appointed duties in the house of the Lord according to the procedures established by their ancestor Aaron in obedience to the commands of the Lord, the God of Israel.


OBSERVATION:  The effectiveness of everything working as it should is the result of each group carrying out its task and doing its part. How God is working in our lives is revealed by how well we work together.  


APPLICATION:  Here at Faith Assembly we believe that growing Believers are connected Believers.  Point Groups and Serve Teams are Christ-centered relationships that are built around Bible Studies, Ministry Teams and our Spring & Fall Home Point Groups.  It is important that we do not just go to church, but that we become a part of the church.  Building a place for God’s presence is a team sport with an individual commitment to the big goal. 


PRAYER:  God, thank you for the people you have brought into my life to help me grow in my relationship with you.  May this be a year of greater authenticity, encouragement and growth for me, for those in my group and for those we serve.  

DAY 9:  Worship Is a Weapon

SCRIPTURE:  I Chronicles 25:1

David and the army commanders then appointed men from the families of Asaph, Heman, and Jeduthun to proclaim God’s messages to the accompaniment of lyres, harps, and cymbals.


OBSERVATION:  Once the plan has been put in place now it’s time to appoint the people to serve in their places.  As we already said, it’s a team sport.  There is not one person capable of accomplishing the task alone.  David is now assigning the roles and in this verse he is specifically assigning those to conduct the worship.  How can you build a temple unto God without worship?  But let’s make sure we know what worship really is.  Notice who assists David with appointing the worshippers; it’s the army commanders.    


APPLICATION:  Worship is not just a religious act that we do to get God’s attention.  Worship is an expression of our faith and confidence in the God we serve.  When we worship we are doing spiritual warfare.  We don’t worship to get strength.  We worship because we know he is our strength.  If the army commanders are a part of selecting the worshippers, that just means worship is a powerful weapon for advancing God’s work.  Don’t fight in your own strength.  Let worship set the course and bring you into victory each day.    


PRAYER:  God, help my worship go to a deeper level today.  I fix my eyes on your truth and I worship you according to who you are and not according to what I need.   

DAY 10:  Up Close & Personal  

SCRIPTURE:  I Chronicles 28:9

“And Solomon, my son, learn to know the God of your ancestors intimately. Worship and serve him with your whole heart and a willing mind. For the Lord sees every heart and knows every plan and thought. If you seek him, you will find him. But if you forsake him, he will reject you forever.


OBSERVATION:  The work of building the Temple is minor compared to the work of serving and knowing the one for whom the Temple is built.  David is reminding his son that knowing God with all you are is the true task of this project.  It is not just building a place for God, but a place for us to meet with God.  This work goes on long after the building is completed. 


APPLICATION:  Religion is a bright trap.  It can sound good and even look good, yet still be far from the purpose.  Building a place for the presence of God is not the purpose.  If it were, we would only have religious works.  The Temple however was a place for God to meet with his people.  You and I are the true purpose for God having a place to dwell.  We must be careful to not get trapped by working for God that we miss the purpose of coming to intimately know God.  The Holy Spirit is given to us that we might know the heart and mind of God here on earth.


PRAYER:  God, help me to know you intimately.  Thank you for your Holy Spirit who reveals all truth.  I ask you to fill my heart and my mind with that truth today.  

DAY 11:  Are You Serious? 

SCRIPTURE:  I Chronicles 28:10

So take this seriously. The Lord has chosen you to build a Temple as his sanctuary. Be strong, and do the work.


OBSERVATION:  Building a place for God’s presence isn’t something we just do on a whim.  In fact, David reminds Solomon that the Lord has chosen you.  This undertaking is God’s doing and it needs to be accepted and carried out with honest consideration and thought. 


APPLICATION:  You can have a laugh with someone who is not serious, but you are not likely to build anything significant with someone who is not serious.  When we are serious we are excavating the dirt that needs moved so that we can build on something solid.  Being serious allows us to remove excuses, acknowledge our issues and consider the cost that it will take to build such a place.  This isn’t a small project.  This is of the Lord’s choosing.  Take it seriously. 


PRAYER:  God, thank you for choosing me and for giving me a place to serve you.   I am humbled and it is my honor to serve you with everything I have.  

DAY 12:  Hand Me Downs

SCRIPTURE:  I Chronicles 28:19

“Every part of this plan,” David told Solomon, “was given to me in writing from the hand of the Lord.[d]


OBSERVATION:  In the verses leading up to verse 19, we are informed of David giving specific instructions as to the how much gold and silver should be used at specific places.  Then he gives the plans for the specific place where the Ark will be positioned.  David is very detailed not because he’s OCD, but because this plan was passed down from God.       


APPLICATION:  In a culture and time that celebrates individualism, we must be careful to not reject certain “hand me downs” because of wanting to do our own thing.  We easily call into question the attitude and actions of a person that seeks to control and rightly so.  However, should we just excuse and overlook the attitude that wants to do its own thing?  A spirit of rebellion can quickly divide a good thing.  This is God’s doing.  Let’s do it God’s way. 


PRAYER:  God, help me to honor your word and allow your word to be the lamp that directs my footsteps.  I don’t want to lean on my own understanding or my own way of doing this life.    

DAY 13:  Not On My Watch   

SCRIPTURE:  I Chronicles 28:20

Then David continued, “Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Don’t be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you. He will see to it that all the work related to the Temple of the Lord is finished correctly. 


OBSERVATION:  When the work is God’s work the responsibility of that work being completed is God’s responsibility.   The words spoken in this verse are a promise of who God is and what he will accomplish.  With that perspective Solomon is told to continue in the process without fear or discouragement. 


APPLICATION:  There are many accounts in the Bible of men and women being told not to fear.  This wasn’t because there was nothing to fear.  It was because the one who made the promise is greater than all fear.  When fear and discouragement tries to stop us in the process, we must acknowledge the one who spoke the promise.   He will ensure that his work will be accomplished by protecting and providing for all those who serve His purpose.  He’s watching out for you.   


PRAYER:  God, I trust your word that will correctly guide me and protect me.  In moments of fear and discouragement, help me to quickly call to mind the promises you have made.   

DAY 14:  Whatever You Need   

SCRIPTURE:  I Chronicles 28:21

The various divisions of priests and Levites will serve in the Temple of God. Others with skills of every kind will volunteer, and the officials and the entire nation are at your command.”


OBSERVATION:  The people have been put in place and everything is ready to go.  Not only are the necessary things in place but also the unforeseen things are covered.  Solomon is told that there are resources on stand by just ready for you to say when.    


APPLICATION:  As Believers in Jesus, we are not always aware of or confident in the authority that has been given to us by Christ.  As we begin the process we are not fully aware of what we might experience or of what needs we might have along the way.  But God knows and he has made every resource available to us as we walk out this journey.  He has given us the authority that was given to him and we can ask for any help we might need in His name.     


PRAYER:  God, help me to know the power that you have made possible for me.  By your grace I will walk with confidence knowing that you have provided for every need I will face.  My eyes are on you today.